English & Accessibility Services

accessA disability or a learning condition such as dyslexia is not a barrier to studying English. University services ensure that you can access course materials and the assistance you need to complete your assignments and exams. You may be interested to read about the experiences of disabled students in the report Staying the Course: the experience of disabled students of English and Creative Writing .

For English students specifically, the growing availability of online books makes it possible to access your course material in whatever format is most convenient for you. Your lecturers can also provide online course handouts and lecture notes.

Outside the classroom, university libraries typically provide:

  • reading machines, such as screen readers and magnifiers, and other specialized equipment
  • assistance with research and finding books
  • accessible electronic resources

In addition, accessibility and learning services centres offer:

  • help with note-taking in lectures
  • special facilities for examinations
  • personalised assistance and support

Your university is under a legal obligation to provide the resources you need, though you do have to be proactive in seeking out those services. Once you’ve registered on your course, go immediately to the learning services department to make yourself known and find out what’s available: don’t wait until a problem comes up.

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