English & Joint Programmes

englishJointYou can combine an English course with almost any other subject in the arts and humanities, social sciences or even the sciences. Joint Honours programmes are usually split 50/50, but it is possible at some institutions to vary the balance. Combined Honours programmes enable you to study more than two subjects.

English is a very popular as a Joint or Combined Honours subject. It’s often chosen by those wishing to study both a subject they love and something more vocational. Your English studies will introduce you to critical and analytical approaches that you can apply to other areas, and of course your study in those areas can enrich your study of English.

Studying English lit alongside creative writing is increasingly popular and the crossover of creative and critical work can be enriching. You may also be able to take creative writing modules within your English lit programme or submit a piece of creative work for assessment.

You might ask a university you are considering whether subjects are integrated (for example, if there are any modules that draw on both subjects). You should also ask about how things like personal tutoring arrangements are handled for Joint Honours students, as sometimes they find it difficult to be regarded as a ‘full member’ of either department.