Entrance Requirements

Universities across the UK accept students with a wide variety of pre-degree preparation. The UCAS website course search lists entrance requirements for every English programme in the UK and the Guardian University Guide gives the average entry tariff for each in one table. You can also find entrance requirements on the website of the entranceReqspecific department that you’re interested in.

Obviously, the better your marks, the more likely it is you’ll be accepted at the uni of your choice.  Even where institutions  require grades which, overall, are comparatively low, a ‘B’ in English may be required within that. Entrance to many English programmes is competitive. Again, the uni’s website will provide more information on what marks you’ll need to get entrance.

Some universities require interviews and others will look closely at your personal statement on the UCAS form..

A-levels: English Language vs. Literature

There are three ‘English’ A-levels: English Literature, English Language and Literature, and English Language.

Many programmes accept any of the above three A-levels, but others require a specific one. For example, a single honours degree in English Literature might require that you have A-level Literature, and may not accept A-level Language or A-level Language and Literature.

For the most part, so long as you’ve taken one of the English A-levels, you can combine it with any other A-levels you want.

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