Further Advice

futureIf, after reading this site, you still want to know more about English degrees, you could contact either a careers adviser or an English teacher at your school. Remember though that universities and English studies have changed a lot in recent years, so don’t rely only on the advice of someone whose university experience was gained several decades previously!

In addition, you should contact the appropriate person in the university departments you are considering and arrange to visit during an Open Day (visit Opendays.com). Their websites should tell you who to contact (often this will be the admission tutor).

Unfortunately, we at the English Association can’t give advice about particular courses or universities, but if you have a general question or would like to give us feedback on this site please contact us.

There are also lots of other websites and books that might answer your questions. For example:

    • the Times, the Independent, and the Guardian all have guides to higher education
    • the Student Room discussion forum has an English thread
    • Prospects.ac.uk has statistics and advice on getting a job with your English degree
    • AimHigher is a regionally based organisation that helps people find out about university education
    • the Directgov website has a section on universities and higher education
    • the books listed on the What You Study page under ‘Related Books’