Further Study

furtherStudyAn English degree is valuable preparation for any number of further study opportunities. Many English graduates go on to take further professional qualifications in order to pursue careers in the private and public sectors. Twenty-one percent of 2008 graduates went on to further study, and 8% combined work and study (Source: What do Graduates Do? 2010 p.53)

Others enjoy their first degree so much that they go on to take a master’s degree or doctorate in English literature. (There is a postgrad course finder on the Prospects website.)These programmes extend the breadth and depth of the knowledge developed in your undergraduate degree. At the same time, they allow you to develop a particular topic of interest in research or criticism.

Postgraduate English is not just about writing very long essays and reading lots of books. Today, many research projects involve the use of computer databases and other technology to catalogue, annotate, and study manuscripts and source material, making the results available over the internet.

Other Options

A very popular postgraduate destination for English students is a degree in creative writing. There are dozens of these programs in the UK. For more information, visit the National Association of Writers in Education.

For the vocationally-minded, an undergraduate English degree can be perfect preparation for studying, teaching or law.

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