Your Ambitions

yourAmbitionsHow can you decide if English at uni is something you’d like? Well, do you:

  • Enjoy reading and writing?
  • Enjoy words and language?
  • Want to develop skills in independent and imaginative thinking that employers value?
  • Like the idea of a degree that is for you as well as for work?
  • Enjoy English literature or language at school or college?
  • Have a lively interest in culture, creativity and language?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to some of the above questions, then a degree in English literature, language or creative writing is for you.

But here are some supplementary questions to be thinking about…

  • Do I enjoy analysing literature as well as just reading?
  • Do I prefer studying the use of English language or is it literature or creative writing that appeal more?
  • Am I aware of the careers that are possible direct from an English degree, which careers will require a further course and which are unlikely?
  • Do I want to combine study of English with another subject in ‘joint honours’ ?
  • Are my time management skills good enough to manage a subject with a lot of independent study?

My first degree gave me the space and framework for thinking about life, the universe and everything… and it did give me three years in which to develop what has remained an enduring personal love”  English Graduate

Most people choose to take an English degree because they enjoy reading or because they enjoy studying English at school. English is also a popular choice for mature students.

An English programme is an opportunity to spend three years learning about—and taking pleasure in—literature, language, culture, and history.

You’ll benefit from teaching that’s closely linked to cutting-edge research, and interesting, engaging class discussions. Throughout your programme, you’ll have opportunities to pursue your own interests in the works you read and the way that you study them. You may be able to do an independent research project, or a creative writing assignment that complements your other studies.

You’ll finish uni with a degree that’s personally and academically valuable—but which also demonstrates to potential employers that you have important skills in communication and critical thought. Or, like the English graduates profiled on this site, you might choose to pursue your ambition by developing your own business using the knowledge and talent that you developed whilst completing your degree.

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